Nikki Reed Talks Water, Food

She’ll always be Rosalie from Twilight (the final flick in the series hits theaters November 16), but these days Nikki Reed’s got a brand-new cause: getting guys and girls showering together to conserve water. See what the 24-year-old beauty told us about showerpooling, impressing her and being 99 percent vegan on the following pages.

MADE MAN: You and AXE want guys and girls to “showerpool” to conserve water. Are people more excited about saving water or getting nice with a member of the fairer sex? NIKKI REED: Hey, whatever gets them involved. It’s all about water conservation, but in a very practical way. Showering with another person—or two or three people—or showering for less than five minutes can really help. The message is that we can all make a difference.

MM: How do you feel now that Twilight is drawing to a close? NR: When I got to Comic-Con this year I got really sad. We would never have another Twilight panel with all of us together. Not seeing those people again in that context sucks. It’s sad. It’s been a huge part of my life.

MM: What do you look for in men? NR: I don’t really look for anything. That’s how I stumbled across my husband, Paul. He’s everything I didn’t know I wanted. He’s goofy, silly, kind, thoughtful and reminds me of my mother, haha.

MM: Before you got hitched, what could a guy do to impress you on a first date? NR: I never really dated much, but I loved that Paul had never seen any of my movies and had no idea who I was.

MM: How did you become vegan? NR: I’m only like ninety-nine percent vegan. I don’t believe in doing anything to any extreme. I don’t read every single label and I don’t worry about stuff made in the same factory with eggs or whatever. I really wish I could talk more, but Oprah got sued. I don’t have money like her.

MM: What’s the one vegan dish all meat-eating men should try, and what’s the best vegan restaurant in LA? NR: Pesto pasta without parmesan cheese. And Native Foods in Culver City. They have really good veggie burgers.

MM: What do you have coming up on the silver screen? NR: I’m really excited about In Your Eyes and Empire State. But I also have an EP coming out with my husband, so I’ll be singing now. And I also have a perfume line coming out that I worked really hard on.

MM: What do you miss most about your pre-vegan days? NR: I really miss the In-N-Out Double Double. Editor’s note: We can’t blame ya, Nikki. It’s so good when it hits your lips.