The Manliest Manly Cocktails, Man

Want a manly drink? Order a whiskey neat. Want a manly cocktail? Try any of these five time-tested, man-approved beverages, with recipes from our friends at

Dry Martini It's been the go-to drink of classy gentlemen everywhere for generations. Why? Try it and find out. Get the recipe.

Billionaire Cocktail The base ingredient is bourbon, so right off the bat you know it's a manly beverage. Add in some simple syrup and absinthe bitters, and you've got a delicious (but not girly delicious) cocktail ripe for the sipping. Get the recipe.

Corpse Reviver No. 2 Nothing says "I'm a man" quite like the ability to raise the dead. And while most of us have yet to master the art of necromancy, this classic hair-of-the-dog remedy will help revive your near-dead body from the depths of a hangover. Get the recipe.

Death in the Afternoon Invented and frequently consumed by Ernest Hemingway, this cloudy mix of absinthe and champagne will put hair on your chest and strange thoughts in your head. If it was good enough for Papa, it's good enough for us. Get the recipe.

Blood and Sand Don't let the color throw you off—it may be a bright drink, but the blood and sand contains enough scotch to offset any excess sweetness. Fun fact: it's named after the 1922 bullfighting movie of the same name. Get the recipe.