Fall in Love with the American Honeys

On the list of things we have no trouble getting excited about, bourbon whiskey and beautiful women both rank high. And when the two join forces, that’s just double the pleasure. So naturally, we love the American Honeys, 12 gorgeous girls who serve as the face of, well, American Honey. What is it? Wild Turkey’s blend of real Kentucky straight bourbon and hand-selected American honey. How hot are Alanna (above) and the rest of the Honeys? Find out on the following pages—and learn a little about them and the calendar they recently shot in Austin, Texas, too...

Chelcy Bowers (Danville, Kentucky) When she’s not out and about representing American Honey, you can usually find Chelcy outdoors somewhere. Whether that’s riding horses bareback on her farm, spending sunny days by the lake or leaping out of a perfectly good airplane, this Kentucky native has a zest for life that made her a big hit in Austin—and makes her the ideal candidate to lead off our 2012 calendar!

Carrie Dalon Smith (Nashville, Tennessee) Hard to believe Carrie was once a shy, quiet girl from South Carolina, but like a fine bourbon, she has come into her own. While her wild moments have included the occasional paintball battle in her birthday suit, you can usually find Carrie taking it easy, bargain hunting or entertaining friends. Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a round of American Honey!

Alanna Morin (Austin, Texas) Since Alanna hails from Austin, she was the unofficial tour guide for the 2012 calendar shoot in the Texas state capital. Judging a shot-mixing competition and dancing the night away in one of the city’s top honky-tonks came second nature to this easygoing Honey, who also loves to sing and claims she can “whup butt” in air hockey. Any challengers?

Randi Peavler Smith (Nicholasville, Kentucky) Randi is a country girl from the ground up. Her small-town upbringing and engaging personality endeared her to the fellow American Honeys from the start. When she’s not hanging with family and friends at a cookout or bonfire, Randi can be found trying out new dance moves—a skill she showed off in Austin.

Amberlynn Boyle (St. Louis) This sweetheart enjoys exploring, hula-hooping and the occasional slice of pizza. Like American Honey, she’s a little bit smooth (she’s been known to talk her way out of speeding tickets) and a little bit wild (ask her about sneaking into her neighbor’s swimming pool). She also loves to make new friends, which she did frequently during the photo shoot in Austin.

Johanie Taylor (St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands) With a strong dance background, Johanie was able to work with an entertainment company fresh out of school, which led to performances throughout the Caribbean. During the Austin photo shoot, she loved working with the horses, something she’d never done before. We think you’ll agree—for a first timer, she pulled it off with the poise of a pro.

Lyndi Jo Delisio (Pittsburgh) Lyndi jokingly refers to herself as a “blonde bombshell with beauty and brains,” which sounds like the perfect package to us. She has a wild side and claims to be “down for anything.” A lover of fashion and action movies, Lyndi may hail from the Steel City, but with her sun-kissed looks she could easily be a California girl at heart.

Kristen King (Springfield, Missouri) Kristen loves loud guitar licks and ninja kicks, but don’t let that playfulness fool you. She’s put her college degree to use working with non-profit organizations across the globe. A competitive spirit (active in baseball, basketball and soccer), she exhibited her athletic prowess on the mechanical bull during her Austin visit. When she’s not jammin’ out, she likes painting and shopping with friends.

Cassie Williams (Winfield, Missouri) Though she describes herself as sweet, Cassie’s wild streak takes charge. Fortunately, her dazzling smile usually gets her out of trouble. She grew up singing and recently released her second single on iTunes. Her greatest achievement so far? “Why, becoming an American Honey, of course!”

Whitney Bowling (London, Kentucky) Whitney is a winning combination of sweet, smooth and wild. She’s as comfortable changing her car’s oil as she is sitting in a tree stand waiting on a big buck, but also enjoys any opportunity to dress up and hit the town. She’s an adventurous Kentucky girl who’s no stranger to bourbon, which makes her the perfect American Honey in our book.

Rachel Kuriatnyk (Pittsburgh) Fun and outgoing, Rachel confesses she’s a “good girl” (though she winks as she says it). She’s a sucker for Pirates, Steelers and Penguins, and she loved making friends with the other girls in Austin—so much that you can read stories of her experience on Facebook. Rachel proudly says she possesses all of the qualities that define a true American Honey. We couldn’t agree more.

Missy Orr (Shepherdsville, Kentucky) The future is wide open for Missy, and that’s the way she likes it. She clearly loves animals, the smell of a warm winter fire and making new friends. During the Austin photo shoot, Missy took the mechanical bull by the horns and showed she also enjoys a challenge. “I’m an American Honey all the way,” says our December calendar girl.