Jamie Moyer and the Oldest Pro Jocks Ever

Congratulations to Jamie Moyer. Last night the Colorado Rockies pitcher became the oldest in baseball history to win a major league game, defeating the San Diego Padres 5-3. But the 49-year-old isn’t the only gray-haired jock to show the kids how it’s done. Here are 11 men who prove that age and experience beat the crap out of youthful exuberance and bad haircuts.

Hiroshi Hoketsu A 70-year-old Japanese equestrian, Hoketsu became the oldest Olympian in history at the 2008 Beijing Games. He recently qualified for the London Olympiad and can choke you to death with his thighs.

Jerry Barber Barber holds the record for being the oldest man to play pro golf. He competed in the 1994 Buick Invitational at the age of 77. Take that, Tiger.

Skip Hall Hall (right) was the head football coach at Boise State. He spent his golden years in the octagon, compiling a lackluster 2-5 record. But hey, when was the last time you rolled with Dan Severn?

Saoul Mamby Boxer Mamby appeared in a professionally sanctioned fight at the age of 60. He went 10 rounds and lost by decision to Anthony Osbourne, a great example of a literal loss being a moral victory.

John Whittemore Whittemore threw a shot put a couple weeks before his 105th birthday, quipping that if he didn’t drop it on his foot, he’d set a world record. He also threw a discus and a javelin that day.

Gordie Howe Mr. Elbows is the only man to play in the NHL over the age of 50 and the only man to play in the NHL during five decades. He only won a Stanley Cup in the fifties, but he kept skating all the way into the eighties.

Robert Jaworski The Michael Jordan of the Phillippines holds the record as the oldest competitive basketball player in history. He jammed in the PBA till the age of 50 before doing the Pacquiao thing and running for Senate.

Stanley Matthews Matthews played at the top level of competition in British football until the age of 50, competing in professional football until the age of 70. At the age of 41, he became the oldest English footballer to score a goal in international play.

Wilfred Rhodes We’re not sure what’s more impressive: playing test cricket at the age of 52 or understanding the rules at any age.

Albert Beckles How’s your workout routine? Good enough to win the Niagara Falls Pro Invitational bodybuilding competition? Beckles did it at the age of 61. Pretty impressive even if bodybuilding is barely a sport.

Jamie Moyer Moyer joins an exclusive club of 29 players to play in the Show in four different decades. Even more amazing? Last night’s win included a fastball that topped out at 78 miles per hour.