Kaya Scodelario Graces Wuthering Heights

The latest adaption of Wuthering Heights will be about as dark and emotional as you'd expect given the source material. But even if you're not into 19th century English romantic dramas, it might be worth a watch just to check out Kaya Scodelario. Or you can scope this bio-gallery instead.

Scodelario grew up in London. She's half Brazilian on her mother's side, and speaks fluent Portuguese.

She started acting at 14 when she was cast in the first season of the british teen drama Skins. The audition was her first experience in front of the camera.

She became the central character on Skins during the show's third season.

Scodelario's first film appearance was a brief role in the 2009 sci-fi thriller Moon.

She's apparently close with British rapper Plan B, having appeared in five of his music videos.

Scodelario filmed her first American movie earlier this year with a role alongside Jessica Biel and Alfred Molina in the upcoming Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes.

When she's not acting, Scodelario works as a model. For obvious reasons.