Beautiful Bod, Sweet Shoes

Among the things American males lust after most are fine female forms and rare sneaks. Which is why the concept Kimmy Kamish has brought to life is pure genius: Kimmy’s Kicks, a calendar featuring photos of the model posing in sexy outfits and killer shoes. Check out a few exclusive shots, plus her feelings about the footwear in her latest calendar, on the following pages.

“This is January in Kimmy’s Kicks 2013, and what better way to start off 2013 than with a pair of Air Jordan 13s? This pair of Flint 13s is one of my ultimate favorites in the entire calendar.”

“Giuseppe Zanotti spiked sneakers were the perfect high-end shoes to compliment the elegant vintage Proenza shoulder gown. I think the best thing about my sneaker collection is that there’s more than Air Jordans. I like to mix it up, and the spikes on this particular pair gave an edge to what could have been a classic look.”

“Oh, the Concords! With it’s simple black and white colorway, all I could think about was classic, and that’s exactly what we went for with a very Audrey Hepburn-inspired set up.”

“This photo was actually almost the cover, then it was almost June, and then it never made it to the calendar! My photographer Von Jackson takes such amazing photos that it’s always hard narrowing them down. This is one of my favorite outtakes.”

“On my cover (and in the previous pic), I’m wearing True Blue 3s along with an Ashley Paige swimsuit. 3s are such a classic for the Air Jordan collection and the reason I chose the True Blues, well, let’s just say I like my shoes to match my hair.”