Ashley Greene Talks Apparition

Ashley Greene’s new horror movie, The Apparition, makes us afraid to stay indoors. Then again, if this haunting beauty were lounging on the couch, we’d forget all about it. See what the Twilight vamp and DKNY spokesmodel has to say about freaky flicks, crazy fans and punk rock on the following pages. Scary hot.

MADE MAN: Do you ever get scared?! ASHLEY GREENE: Oh, yeah. I’m such a wuss! I used to watch a lot of horror films when I was a kid. And then reality set in that, oh, this stuff can actually happen and someone had to have thought of this to write it up. And whoever that person is scares me!

MM: Does a scary movie make for a good date night? AG: Isn’t that the rule for all guys? Like, if you want to get close to a girl, just take her to a scary movie. She’ll be right up next to you!

MM: We hear you’re a tomboy. AG: I’m kind of a guys’ girl. I grew up running around, playing outside and wanting to be just like my brother, which resulted in so many broken bones! I was trying to skip as many monkey bars as him and fell and broke my arm!

MM: Some Twilight actors say fans come up to them and want to bite them… AG: Oh yeah, we get that! Because my character, Alice, is so bubbly and lovable and kind of that best friend, my fan responses mainly consist of hugs and pleasant compliments. But the guys get some crazy requests and biting is definitely one of them.

MM: Are you a punk rock fan now that you’re doing CBGB, about the vintage New York club? AG: I definitely have every Ramones song on my iPod now, and Blondie and all that stuff. I went through the script and basically took every song and listened to it. I grew up listening to country, so how much different can you get? But yes, I have an appreciation for it now.

MM: For the Twilight movies you did a lot of taekwondo. Got any diet or fitness tips for us? AG: Moderation is the biggest thing. Because everyone should be able to have a cheat day. And if you want a piece of pizza, eat a piece of pizza. Just don’t do it every day. I drink a ton of water and exercise as much as possible. But it’s more about being healthy and happy and less about killing yourself to be perfect. Editor’s note: Whatever you’re doing, Miss Greene, it’s working.