Candice Swanepoel Makes Swimwear Look Good

When we posted our Q&A with Miranda Kerr, we professed a deep and abiding love for many things Australian. Well, now that we’ve spoken with fellow Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, we must confess similar feelings for her native land, South Africa. Click through to find out which nationality she prefers to date. And see some lovely swimwear photos, of course.

MADE MAN: Do you have a favorite swimsuit? CANDICE SWANEPOEL: I have so many favorite ones. I’m kind of like a swimwear hoarder! It’s terrible. But I love neon. I love a gorgeous bright yellow swimsuit. That looks amazing on!

MM: How does your celebrity affect you in your day-to-day life? CS: I’m a very private person and kind of an introvert naturally. But sometimes people recognize me and it’s actually really nice, because you see just such excitement on people’s faces. And you’re like, ‘Really, are they getting happy about me right now? Why??’

MM: You look like you work out a bit. Any fitness tips? CS: Find something that you’re interested in and you can stay excited with. If you make it such a huge, daunting task in your mind, then you’re never going to get it done. It’s important to change your music playlist as well. I really love some hardcore electronic when I’m working out, like boxing. It’s great!

MM: We read that your secret desire is to become a pop star. What tops your playlist? CS: Rock and electronic music. I’ve been listening to a lot of Gotye, some hip hop, The Roots and old school reggae like The Congos. And I am an American Idol fan! Can I just say two words? Phillip Phillips! Love him!

MM: What band would you like to see play at the Victoria's Secret fashion show? CS: I’m so sad that I missed the Justin Timberlake year because that was amazing. It’s got to be someone sexy and someone that can like play with us, like a cool rock band. Justin Bieber in a couple of years maybe…

MM: Do you have a preference between South African and American men? CS:I don’t know! I left South Africa when I was 15. I haven’t dated a lot of American men, actually. I tend to stick to the South Americans. I like that passionate thing going on down there.

MM: How can a guy win over a Victoria's Secret model? CS: Just be natural. I don’t like people who talk about what they have and try to get you that way. It chases me away automatically. So just be witty and funny.