Carmen Electra Professes Mo Love

Between a new single, a 90210 appearance and movie work, Carmen Electra is one very busy lady these days. Thankfully, she took time to chat with us about her latest doings, mood music and the number one reason guys should grow Movember moustaches: it turns her on! Learn and see more on the following pages.

MADE MAN: It’s Movember, the month where guys grow moustaches to fight men’s cancers. What are your thoughts on this charity? CARMEN ELECTRA: There’s so much awareness about breast cancer and doing self-examinations, it makes sense that there would be the same kind of awareness for men. It’s definitely a health issue and I think Movember is great. I hope everyone is growing out their moustaches. That’s cool. That’s sexy.

MM: You think moustaches are sexy? CE: I do, I really do. I like facial hair. The more creative the moustache, the better. It’s such a serious topic that you have to add the element of fun to it.

MM: What’s the most common misconception about you? CE: People think I’m really tall, and I’m not. I’m only five feet, two-and-a-half inches, but some people think I’m six feet tall and don’t believe it's me.

MM: Your new single, “I Like It Loud,” recently dropped on iTunes. How’s it feel to re-enter the music scene? CE: I feel very excited and inspired. It’s what I started doing early in my career, and it’s been this passion of mine for so long. My career has gone in so many directions, but throughout, I still had this deep down burning desire to do music.

MM: How would you describe your new single? CE: I wasn’t looking to do music, but I fell in love with this track that Bill Hamel produced. It’s a dance track and makes you want to get up and dance. It’s electronic and very me.

MM: What will the men reading this interview love about your song? CE: Men reading this, if you like to dance, you’ll love to dance to this. If you don’t like to dance, your partner will for sure! Either way is fine by me!

MM: Who are your musical inspirations? CE: I would love to work with Skrillex, that would be a dream come true. I have such a variety of music. I have Joni Mitchell. I love old funk music. When I’m getting ready to go out, I play electronic, dance or hip-hop.

MM: What type of music would you tell men to play to put their women in a sexy mood? CE: You have to pay attention to what your women likes. For me, Massive Attack was my sexy mood changer. If I was dating someone and they put on Massive Attack, I felt really sexy. Feel it out, and then really feel it out, ha ha.

MM: What makes a man sexy? CE: I love a bad boy with a good heart.