Christina Hendricks Talks Mad Men

As you probably know, Mad Men is all sorts of wonderful. The clothes are cool. People drink at work. And then there’s Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris, the voluptuous, sassy redhead who can blow you away with one smoldering look. We asked this Made Babe about her sexy character, the styles she loves on a man and her newest crush (you’ll be surprised). Click on for words and pics, then get ready for this Sunday’s Season 6 premiere. Because, you know, she’ll be in it.

MADE MAN: Is Joan’s sexy walk something you’re conscious of? CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Certainly not when I work. It’s just all the mannerisms, the way that we become the character. The voice changes a little bit and the walk changes a little bit and the way that I use my hands changes a little bit. It just happens when I go to work.

MM: Are you like her style-wise, with that classic sexy look? CH: I guess that I’ve learned a little bit from her when I go out. Because of her, I like to be put together. But at home, every day, I have my jeans and a blouse on!

MM: Has she changed the way that you show off what you’ve, um, got? CH: I’ve actually been a fan of being a bit more covered up. I’ve always thought that’s a very sophisticated and sexy look. I’ve certainly learned silhouettes from Joan, though. I wear a lot more pencil skirts and things like that.

MM: The men of that time period had great style. What looked good on them that you’d like to see guys wear now? CH: I really love guys in hats. That wide brim fedora is so cool! And I like a news cap on a guy. We very rarely see our guys on the show in a casual way. It’s just the idea that men didn’t kick and fight when they had to put on a suit. I like a man in a suit. I do have to say that I much prefer the freedom that men have with hair now. The Mad Men time was a little too cookie cutter for me, all those guys with the short, slicked hair!

MM: What’s been one of your favorite offscreen moments? CH: There are a lot of fun little discoveries on the set. We would just look down at someone’s desk and go, ‘Oh, Wite-Out. When did that come out?!’ Some things you just take for granted and never think about, but then you start having to go, ‘Wait a minute! Did that exist?’ And that’s always fun.

MM: What do you like to do in your spare time? CH: Well, I just started watching Downton Abbey, which I’m very into. And Two Broke Girls is fun. I also love my Top Chef. I always have that show on as I love to cook! And I recently wallpapered my bathroom. I sort of have a crush on my bathroom.

MM: In all the seasons that you’ve done the show, what’s a scene that really stands out for you? CH: There are so many! I always go back to season one, because it was all so new to me and so fresh. I love when Don and Midge go to the sort of bohemian speakeasy club. That was really visually cool. The scene where all the women are on one side trying to attract attention, and the men are on the other side making sexy comments towards them. I love that…

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