Dasha Astafieva: “Come and get me!”

From her humble roots in the unpronounceable town of Ordzhonikidze, 550 miles south of Kiev in Ukraine, Dasha Astafieva has come a long way. She’s not only one half of provocative pop duo Nikita and Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Playmate. She’s also the face of AnastasiaDate.com, where men can meet thousands of Eastern European lovelies online. Over drinks at NYC’s Russian Tea Room, we grilled her about the site, what she looks for in guys and, of course, Chicken Kiev. “I’m just a little part of this world,” she says. “But I have a vision to make it much better and more beautiful.” See what else she told us, plus stunning pics—including barely censored Nikita shots—on the following pages.

MADE MAN: How did you get involved with Anastasia Date? DASHA ASTAFIEVA: For me firstly it’s fun, because I am traveling so much. I’m new to Anastasia, but I like the live chat, to see my partner and see his emotions. It’s good for young ladies who want to find real men.

MM: What kind of guys do you write back to on the site? DA: In Ukraine, all men know me as a naked model and singer, and they think it’s not serious. I’m looking for a guy who will understand me and help me be happier. Someone I can speak with about my problems, and who can help me make decisions about them.

MM: Sounds like you want a gentleman who also has balls. DA: Yes. I don’t want a boyfriend who will sit around my flat and wait for me. I want a man who can work hard and be like a prince and come and get me! And he must be crazy like me and have a good sense of humor.

MM: Are all Eastern European women like the ones on the site? DA: Ukrainian and Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. They not only have a great look but a great soul, and they know what they want. They don’t just want to work like American women. They can be your fire and your home, all for you.

MM: Growing up in Ordzhonikidze, did you ever dream of being a singer and model? DA: No, it’s a funny story. When I was a child, I dreamed of cleaning floors! When I was in school, I’d clean the classrooms and halls. But I understood one thing: I just wanted to be happy and make people around me happy.

MM: What do American guys need to know about dating Eastern European women? DA: All foreign guys think that Slavic women are very open to sex and all their fantasies. But we all have a dream to be with a gentleman, and to be with one man for our whole lives.

MM: Do you prefer Ukrainian men or American men? DA: I think I’d be happy with a Slavic man, but he needs to live in a foreign country. Ukrainian and Russian men just want a golden bird in a golden cage. “You don’t need to work, you just need to make babies for me.” That’s not my way. I’m more interested in a partnership.

MM: What’s the best way for a guy to approach you? DA: Be natural with me. All guys try to make themselves better for me. “I’m so good. I read. I listen to music. I’m interested in art...” And it’s bad.

MM: This is a really important question. In America, we have this dish called Chicken Kiev. Do they actually have that in Kiev? DA: Yes! We have it. I can make it for you. But my favorite dish is borscht, and I’m the best at preparing it. My grandfather taught me how. And I always make it with love...