Gina Carano Talks Fighting, F&F 6

She grew up in Las Vegas, where her father was a fight commissioner, so perhaps it’s only fitting that Gina Carano became an MMA star. More recently, though, she’s been looking to make a living onscreen, and her role in Fast & Furious 6 is another big step. We sat down with her on the movie’s London-based set to discuss fighting, acting and whether she can take the Rock.

“I do all the fight scenes and everything that I can, but stuntwomen can do things that actors just can’t do—and I don’t know if I’d want to do them anyway.”

“I’ve been fighting men for ten years around gyms and other places. Sometimes it can be nice, but it’s not nice to be punched by a man. ”

“I never want to have to rely on fighting for money again. I’d like to make money other ways.”

“Physical acting is just as important as verbal acting sometimes. What I bring to the table is a natural sense of personality.”

“Training to fight is a passion for me, but you get humbled every day you go to the gym. It’s a lot like acting in that way—it’s always humbling.”

“Acting makes you really vulnerable. You have to spend a lot of time looking over your shoulder and get out of your skin. It’s not always easy to do that, especially in front of a roomful of people.”

“I’d love to do some less physical roles. I’m two different people. The physical side of me is very different from me just sitting here. I’m actually kind of shy. I want to explore that side of me more. It’s natural.”

“I didn’t watch a lot of action movies growing up. I was more an Anne of Green Gables kind of girl.”

“I think I could take on The Rock’s arm and that’s about it. I’ve got some pretty strong legs, though.”