Jennifer Love Hewitt Knows What Girls Like

Your crush on her probably began in the late ’90s, thanks to either Party of Five or I Know What You Did Last Summer. But these days, Jennifer Love Hewitt can be seen playing a hard-workin’ mother doing whatever it takes to make ends meet on Lifetime’s The Client List. We caught up with the petite brunette—still smokin’ hot at 34—to talk dating, fitness… and more dating.

MADE MAN: In The Client List, you play a single mom who works in a (sorta shady) day spa. What advice would you give a guy trying to date your character? JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: Dating Riley is really hard. She’s dating her husband’s brother, her ex wants her back, and life is very complicated! She’s definitely not the girl you want to date.

MM: Got a good dating tip for guys? JLH: If you have a special date planned for that night, send flowers early in the day, especially if she works in an office. A lot of guys send them later, but we don’t want to wait. We want everyone to see that we are liked and somebody sent us flowers!

MM: What if it’s a first date? JLH:I think it’s nice after a first date to send flowers. Why not?

MM: What are your dating dos? JLH: Come up with creative, fun things to do on a date. Don’t just leave it up to the girl to decide on everything. And be yourself. Try to relax a little bit, and know that we’re on your side.

MM: And don’ts? JLH:Any kind of angry or aggressive behavior on a date. Or talking about your ex-girlfriend. Or checking out girls really heavily during a date. Big no-no. Definitely a turnoff.

MM: What attracts you? JLH: A sense of humor.

MM: Guys often have trouble getting up the balls to approach a pretty woman. Any tips for dealing with that kind of fear? JLH:Do it anyway. You’d be surprised. Maybe the girl is intimidated, too. Sometimes it’s really important to get out of your comfort zone.

MM: You look like you are in really great shape. JLH: Thanks! Exercise is a great stress reliever for me, and I think emotionally it’s a great way to balance out. When I’m working out or doing something physical during the day, I am so much more mellow. Right now, I’m into Zumba and yoga.

MM: Is a fitness class a good way to meet a girl? JLH: I think it is, yeah!

MM: Are you going to be putting out a new album soon? JLH: Maybe. I've been thinking about it!