Lea Michele Makes Glee Look Good

By all accounts, Glee’s Lea Michele is just about perfect—she can sing you under the table, move like Jagger and look damn good in just about anything. Can’t get motivated to check her out in the show’s season finale? This inspirational slideshow Q&A may change your mind. Enjoy.

MADE MAN: You have long days on the set. How do you keep your energy up? LEA MICHELE: I’m a very energetic person to begin with, but I get so much sleep. I’m an old lady. I really don’t go out a lot. I drink a lot of water. It’s sleep and it’s work. That’s what it is for me right now in my life.

MM: You look über fit. What do you do for exercise? LM: I really don’t work out very much! I just eat really well.

MM: What’s your favorite snack? LM: Hummus!

MM: You were on tour with the cast in England, how was the response from guys there? LM: It was great! They were really excited we were there.

MM: Do you know any foreign languages? LM: My parents are fluent in Spanish. I am Sephardic, which means I am a Spanish Jew. I really wish that I took Spanish in school, but I learned French. I have a Rosetta Stone at home so I’ll make that my next season’s goal, sitting in my trailer!

MM: What’s your advice for a guy who wants to get into a singing career? LM: Find out what you are particularly good at. Our TV show really focuses on each individual’s talent, whether they are a singer who can move well or a fantastic dancer who sings well. Find out what you are good at and go for that. The world is craving uniqueness! You have to follow your dreams!

MM: If a guy can’t sing to save his life, what’s your advice for winning you over? LM: Tell a joke! Learn guitar!

MM: But if he can’t do anything? Would you still give him a chance? LM: Really, it doesn’t matter, as long as he is nice! Editor’s note: Take that with a grain of salt.