Malia Jones Surfs Into Our Hearts

Make no mistake, we love beautiful women—and sporty women. And when those two qualities are combined in the same woman? Well, then we suddenly need a cold shower. Luckily, we pulled it together just long enough to interview surfer/model/ Cayman Jack spokesbabe Malia Jones about finding the best breaks, staying in shape and winning her over. Hint: curiosity counts!

MADE MAN: We know you as a surf champ and swimsuit model. What have you been up to lately? MALIA JONES: I’m constantly searching for my next adventure. Besides surfing and the norm, I’ve been working on my new swimsuit line, which is set to come out next spring/summer. I basically live in a swimsuit and find it really hard to find certain styles I love, so I thought I should just make them myself.

MM: Say we’re just learning to surf. What’s your number one tip? MJ: Make sure the waves are good for beginners to allow yourself time to understand what the ocean is doing and feel comfortable out in the line-up. If you went skiing for the first time, you wouldn’t start on a double black diamond hill, would you? So definitely start somewhere that you feel comfortable and can have fun! Because it really is supposed to be about having fun.

MM: You divide your time between Hawaii, France and Australia. Which spot has the best breaks? MJ: I guess I would be partial to Hawaii because it’s my home and it’s always warm and sunny. Surfing in the Galapagos Islands was certainly an experience, since the waters were filled with bizarre creatures that you can’t find anywhere else. And Byron Bay on New Years’ Eve is one of my favorite places to be. I’m glad I don’t really have to choose.

MM: Which spot has the best post-surf bar? MJ: I’d say anything with an atmosphere where I can drop by in my bikini top and shorts, where the crowd is interesting and I can always find someone to play a game of darts with me.

MM: What’s your drink of choice after a long day on the water? AJ: At the moment, I’m loving the Cayman Jack Margarita because it’s refreshing after a hot day of surfing in the sun, but it’s also made with all natural ingredients like agave, cane sugar and organic limes. It’s delicious!

MM: What qualities get your attention in a guy? MJ: A sense of adventure and curiosity. When I travel, I like to experience a lot more than the water. I’m always trying to explore the local city and culture. Another necessary quality would be a really good sense of humor. But less Dumb and Dumber humor and more like Louis C.K. humor. It feels good to laugh!

MM: You’ve always been quite fit. What’s your secret? MJ: It’s a lot of hard work, but I love physical activity so I try to have fun when I’m training. I absolutely love hot yoga, but now I go to this core power yoga which is basically the same thing but with amazing music and sometimes weights in a heated room. You really get in a zone. I also love hiking. Hawaii has some amazing hikes through the mountains and to waterfalls. I just try to mix it up and never do the same thing two days in a row.

MM: Next time we get out to Hawaii, what’s the one thing we absolutely must do? MJ: Well, if you’re here in the wintertime, definitely head to the north shore of Oahu to check out the big waves. All the famous surf spots are on a four-mile stretch and you can literally walk down the beach and check them all out. If it’s breaking, Waimea Bay is the big big-wave spot. You can sit on the rocks and watch people drop into thirty-foot waves. It’s exciting and there’s nowhere else like it!

MM: You’re outdoors a lot. Any sunscreens you recommend? MJ: Of course! I’m the sunscreen queen. Whatever you use, use a lot! And make sure it’s waterproof. Most important though is to wear a hat! It makes a huge difference at the end of the day.

MM: Last but not least. We really want to make a winning impression on the beach. Best option: swim trunks, board shorts or… Speedo? MJ: I guess that all depends on whose impression you’re trying to win!