Natalie Martinez Talks Dating Tips

Sultry Cuban-American actress Natalie Martinez has been making a name for herself with films like Death Race, End of Watch and Broken City, available on DVD and Blu-Ray April 30th. We asked her about her latest flick, love advice and kickass workouts. And pulled a bunch of fantastic photos of her as well, of course...

MADE MAN: Congratulations on Broken City, it was great. What was filming like? NATALIE MARTINEZ: It was a very professional set with top-notch actors. The film was quite a blessing for me and I am very proud to say I worked with these people. There were some challenging and emotionally demanding scenes but it was all worth it.

MM: The film has quite the cast. What’s it like to work with Mark Wahlberg? NM: Who wouldn’t want to be Mark Wahlberg’s lover? Ha ha. He is a great guy and an honest family man. Pleasure to work with.

MM: His character is kind of edgy. Do you like a bad boy in real life? NM: Yeah, of course! Most girls like the bad boys! His character has a little edge, but he is a great guy and stood up for my character’s family, which is why they are together. Bad boys have a soft side too.

MM: What are your dating dos? NM: I like someone with manners. Normally when you’re dating, you would like a guy to treat you and others around with respect. Chivalry might be dead, but there is definitely a difference between being a gentleman and being obnoxious.

MM: And don’ts? NM: I went on a date once and all the guy could talk about was my magazine photos. It was awkward. We are normal people, that is just my job. On a date I want to get to know someone and for them to get to know me, Natalie, as a person, not the girl you’ve been dreaming about.

MM: You have had some pretty active roles. How do you stay in shape for your action roles? NM: I have always been a fan of hard workouts. I’ll try anything—MMA, boxing, circuit training, TRX, but my training is grounded in Muay Thai. I love doing crazy stuff!

MM: You’ve danced alongside Pitbull and Justin Timberlake. Is dancing a part of your fitness repertoire as well? NM: I love to dance, but more for fun even though it is a good cardio workout. Music videos are really fun. I like getting to help friends out and have fun in the process.

MM: What’s your favorite music to move to? NM: Salsa. I’m Cuban and I listen to a lot of Latin music. There is nothing like a guy that can throw you around the room while dancing merengue, salsa, cha-cha…

MM: We’re going to Miami, what should we hit up? NM: I like to eat! They have some really great food in South Beach. I also love going out—Miami has great salsa clubs. It’s about having fun and letting the night take you wherever it goes...