The Bella Twins Are Total Divas

What is it about hot twins that causes our heart to skip a beat (or two)? Guess it’s like they say, if some is good, more is better. And when it comes to the WWE, Brie and Nikki Bella are a hot twins fantasy come to life. They’re currently starring in the new E! reality series Total Divas (Sundays, 10/9c) and, ahem, tag teaming us in a Q&A we will never forget. Read on for words and pics as they talk fitness, dating, wrestling, mind reading… and how to tell them apart.

MADE MAN: So, what can we look forward to on Total Divas? BRIE BELLA: You will see WWE Divas inside and outside the ring. You will see us backstage, inside our personal lives and how we maintain our crazy careers with our relationships. NIKKI BELLA: What Brie said and you will also see Divas in the making. We have two newbies and you’ll see their road to becoming or trying to become a WWE Diva.

MM: You are both in great shape. What’s your secret? BB: I love Pilates, hot yoga and Soul Cycle. I love staying small and toned, but being active in the ring means I need to be strong and that’s where my trainer comes in. My biggest tip would be to eat moderate and create a healthy lifestyle instead of dieting. NB: Stick to baked chicken and steamed veggies. And spoil yourself once a week to shock your metabolism. Also make water your best friend. It does wonders! And as for working out, it’s as simple as power walking and doing squats, abs, and push-ups in your bedroom. Oh, and getting my booty kicked by my personal trainer!

MM: How should a guy approach beautiful women like you two? BB: Don’t be creepy or cheesy. Simply go up and give her a compliment. If she wants to talk to you she will, if she doesn’t, she’ll let you know and just walk away. Men like chases, and so do women, but desperation is a turn off! NB: Be yourself. Women can sense when a man is being untrue. And if you feel you can’t be yourself, then it’s just not a match made in heaven. So send her a drink or a coffee and don’t expect to get the conversation. But if you do, that means she’s interested!

MM: What it’s like to be twins? Would you date male twins? BB: It’s great being a twin! You have a best friend for life. Male twins are just like female twins... they get asked the same crazy questions we do and share the same bonds. I’ve actually dated a male twin before, it was funny! NB: Love being a twin! Wouldn’t want it any other way! And love male twins. Who doesn’t? As Brie said, she dated one twin, I talked to the other twin! What a great twin moment.

MM: Have you ever dated the other one’s ex? BB: No! Not allowed, and we have complete opposite taste. NB: Eww, no! Ha, not at all!

MM: But if you meet a guy and you are both interested, what do you do? BB: Never has happened... we don’t like the same guys! NB: Good thing we don’t have the same taste!

MM: How can we tell you apart? BB: Nikki is curvier. I like to think I’m the sweeter one, too. NB: I am more the Marilyn Monroe of the Bellas. Curvier and more voluptuous.

MM: Do you feel like you can read each other’s minds in the ring (like the Bryan brothers)? BB: We definitely can! It’s a twin thing. NB: Most definitely!

MM: Who is your favorite opponent? BB: Natalya... she’s a Hart! NB: Natalya for sure. That’s like wrestling history.

MM: What’s your best wrestling advice? BB: Learn how tough this business is. Visit our Performance Center in Orlando to see how hard we train before making it to TV! NB: Never give up. Learn the craft as well as you can, imagine what character you want to be and never take no for an answer.