Diva AJ Lee’s Body Is Slammin’

She may only be 5’2”, but WWE Diva Champ AJ Lee sure packs a wallop in the ring—and leaves us aching to be her tag team partner. So naturally, we tracked the pint-size pugilist down to ask about her favorite moves, fitness tips and dating tastes. Can’t get enough? Catch her on USA’s WWE Raw every Monday night…

MADE MAN: You look like you’re in great shape. What are your top fitness tips? AJ LEE: The first time I ever hit a gym was three years ago. It was zero to sixty. Now I do power lifting and Olympic lifting. So to get bigger, eat a lot of protein and do a lot of heavy workouts. Commit yourself to it, even if you hate it. Work out often and on a steady basis, or you’ll lose it.

MM: What is your favorite move in the ring and why? AJ: My finish, the Black Widow. It’s so fun; when a girl taps out and basically says you’re the better man. It’s my move.

MM: Who’s your favorite opponent so far? Anyone you want to get in the ring with but haven’t yet? AJ: Mentally, it’s been Vickie and in the ring, Kaitlyn (above). I had a moment with Stephanie and if we ever got into the ring together, that would be a dream come true. I’d be forced to kick my boss’s butt!

MM: Do you have a say in what you wear in the ring? Is there a backstory with your gear? AJ: I wore spandex like everyone, like polka dots and plaids, stuff any normal girl would think is hideous. I wanted to bring beauty to weird things. But as time went on, John Cena, who’s a mentor to me, talked to me about being a brand and “what do people know you as?” So, everyone got used to the cut-up shirts and jean shorts—that’s my shout-out to him.

MM: When it comes to dating, do you have a type? AJ: It’s a super cheesy answer. My first requirement is that someone is funny. If they are funny, then you know there’s substance there.

MM: What is the top mistake guys make on dates? AJ: I don’t know, I am not a dater. I’m the worst person to ask for dating advice!

MM: What’s the best advice you ever received about the sports entertainment business? AJ: My brother once told me, “Don’t try to be like your idols, try to be better than them.” So since I was 12, however I could, I’d find a way to make sure I was better than the people I looked up to before me.

MM: What is the biggest misconception people have about you? AJ: I think people underestimate my strength. I’m tiny, but if you weren’t looking, I could kick your butt in two seconds!