Madeline Zima Has Crazy Eyes

Madeline Zima has been in front of the camera for a long time, but most people know her best for her role on Californication, the edgy Showtime comedy that finds her playing opposite a down-and-out David Duchovny. Her latest film, Crazy Eyes, pairs her up with an even more down-and-out dude played by Lukas Haas. Must be her thing.

Zima found early success with a long-running role on the TV series The Nanny beginning in 1993.

After The Nanny she mainly appeared in small TV and film roles until she was cast in Californication in 2007.

In 2003 she portrayed a teenage Lucille Ball in the TV movie Lucy.

Californication, which has been well received by critics and audiences, brought Zima back into the mainstream.

She is a guitarist, singer and writer in her free time.

Zima also has a collection of indie films under her belt, including roles in Looking for Sunday, Legacy and Dimples.

Zima's name means "winter" in Polish. Not to be confused with the failed Coors alcopop, Zima. Here's hoping her career lasts longer than the drink.