Meet Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s Hot New CEO

The Internet is abuzz this week with talk of Marissa Mayer, the former Google exec who's changing teams and taking the helm at Yahoo! as CEO. Get to know the Silicon Valley hot shot in this bio-gallery.

Mayer was born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin.

She went to Stanford University, where she pursued degrees in symbolic systems and computer science, both with an emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Mayer joined Google in 1999 as the company's 20th employee.

She was a major player in developing key aspects of Google's search engine, as well as products like Gmail, Google Books, and the overall design of the Google homepage.

Mayer also serves on the board of directors for organizations including the San Francisco Ballet, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

Mayer's current net worth is estimated at $300 million. And her compensation package from Yahoo! could top $120 million over the next five years. Pretty, smart and rich? Our kinda woman...