Mila Kunis and More Child Stars Who Grew Up To Be Hot

It’s always interesting to see where child stars end up, especially if they happen to grow into attractive older stars. That’s the case with the girls in this gallery, and with those in our original story on the subject. Enjoy.

Mila Kunis Even before she scored a starring role on That ’70s Show at the ripe old age of 14, Mila Kunis was snagging parts on Days of Our Lives and Seventh Heaven.

Victoria Justice Victoria Justice is a product of the Disney-industrial complex, that shadowy sector of the entertainment industry that births genetically modified children designed to sing, dance and act. Or something like that. In any case good job, Disney.

Kristen Stewart Before she was the star of a major Hollywood film franchise, she was an oddly androgynous child with a pageboy haircut.

Vanessa Hudgens Another Disney cadet, Vanessa Hudgens rose to fame on the High School Musical wave. Again, way to go, Disney.

Evan Rachel Wood Evan Rachel Wood was seven when she appeared in her first film. Of course, any semblance of childhood innocence went out the door when she started dating Marilyn Manson in her late teens.

Meagan Good Meagan Good started acting at the age of four and racked up an impressive rundown of roles before she even hit her teens. Among those was a brief appearance as a scrappy little tomboy in Friday.

Mischa Barton The first time you saw Mischa Barton on screen, she probably gave you nightmares playing the creepy dead girl under the bed in The Sixth Sense.

Kirsten Dunst Most nineties kids remember crushing on a young Kirsten Dunst in Jumanji. The fact that she got hot with age only reaffirms that the nineties were not a bad period in which to grow up.

Emma Stone Superbad marked Emma Stone’s big break, but before that she was just another kid trying to make it with roles in TV movies like The New Partridge Family and shows like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Danica McKellar Young Fred Savage had the right idea on The Wonder Years when he proclaimed Winnie Cooper (a.k.a. Danica McKellar) the “future mother” of his children. Good eye, little dude.

Sara Tanaka Sara Tanaka was already pretty cute in her role as the quirky Margaret Yang in Wes Anderson’s Rushmore, but when she resurfaced in Old School 15 years later, we hardly recognized her.

Camilla Belle Camilla Belle started acting when she was five. Now 25, she’s grown into a real head-turner. Unfortunately, she had to go date a Jonas brother and totally ruin her image.

JoJo After shooting to fame with a handful of pop hits at the age of 12, JoJo faded from the limelight save for the occasional single every now and then. Turns out she’s been busy getting hot.

Selena Gomez We don’t actually know who Selena Gomez is, but apparently she’s famous for something so we’ll take it.

Lacey Chabert Initially known for her childhood role on Party of Five, Lacey Chabert went on to appear in films like Mean Girls and Not Another Teen Movie while doing voiceovers for a number of cartoons and video games. She also went on to get really hot, hence her appearance here.

Miley Cyrus Love her or hate her, Hannah Montana definitely isn’t lacking in the looks department.

Dakota Fanning We checked, and it’s officially OK for you to be attracted to Dakota Fanning now. The longtime child star turned 18 this year, and she has legitimate talent, so you’re likely to keep seeing her in decent films throughout her career.