Miss USA Rima Fakih Arrested for DUI

We’ve heard hot chicks get out of traffic tickets more often than normal folks, but not even the country’s highest badge of female attractiveness was enough to excuse Rima Fakih from a DUI arrest. The 2010 Miss USA winner was arrested by police early Saturday morning near Detroit on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Fakih reportedly blew a .20, placing her well above Michigan’s legal limit of .08. Oh well. Fakih might make bad choices every now and then, but she still looks good in a bikini. Click through for more on that subject.

Fakih was the first Muslim-American to win the title of Miss USA.

She was born in Lebanon, and immigrated to the US at a young age.

Fakih represented Michigan in the Miss USA pageant. She was the first Miss Michigan to take the national crown since 1993.

Shortly after winning, she was almost stripped of her crown when images of her dancing on a stripper pole emerged on the Internet. However, the images were tame enough that pageant officials didn't pursue the issue.

Having retired from the pageant circuit, Fakih is currently working as a professional WWE Diva.

She recently appeared in the film Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman.

Fakih also made appearances in two episodes of The Apprentice in 2010.

She holds degrees in economics and business management from University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Fakih has yet to be charged for her DUI offense, but she could spend up to 93 days in jail if hit with the maximum sentence. Try not to daydream about being her cellmate...