Monday Cheers: Week 8’s Hottest Cheerleaders

Another week, another rousing show of NFL match-ups. The cheerleaders were looking particularly good this weekend, with a few squads donning Halloween costumes before taking to the field. We’ve got them all here for you (costumed or not), so catch up with your favorite sideline honeys in this week’s edition of Monday Cheers.

This Titans cheerleader looked more like she belonged with the Bucs girls.

This one went with a clever combination of Batman, Catwoman and sexy.

Ah, so she's the ringleader.

The Niners girls have a lot to cheer about, with the team picking up its fifth consecutive win.

Raise those arms high, ladies.

Who you gonna call?


She's smiling, but on the inside she's cursing the Lions to hell. By which we mean Detroit.