Olivia Munn Gets Smart On HBO’s The Newsroom

Olivia Munn looks different in The Newsroom. Typically one to play up her "sexy geek who doesn't really like to wear clothing" image (see above), Munn now finds herself in the role of a straitlaced economist who seems averse to sexuality entirely. Still, the show's worth checking out, as is she. Here's a bio-gallery to get you started.

Munn hails from Oklahoma but was raised primarily in Japan, where her military stepfather was stationed.

She moved back to the states for high school and college, majoring in journalism at the University of Oklahoma.

Munn moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue a career in acting.

In 2006 she began co-hosting G4's Attack of the Show, which launched her into the limelight and contributed to her very bankable image as a hot gamer girl.

She eventually left AOS for other acting gigs, and in 2010 became a Daily Show correspondent.

Munn has also modeled for companies like Nike and Pepsi, and appeared in a number of lad mags.

Also an author, Munn published a book of semi-autobiographical essays entitled Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek in 2010. Yeah, looking real geeky in this last picture, Olivia.