Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious Rides

Along with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker is the face of the Fast and Furious franchise. He’s also the biggest gearhead of the bunch. Did you know he owns the largest private collection of BMW E36 M3 lightweights? Neither did we until we sat down with him on the London set of Fast & Furious 6 to discuss his passion for fine automobiles.

I really like the Ford Escort rally car that I’m driving in the new movie. It’s really revered here in the UK on the rally circuit. It wasn’t one that I was really all that hip to. I have no idea how it will be received. It’s like Smurf blue.

BMW 74 2002 Touring is the pride of my collection. It’s a rare configuration anywhere, but especially in the States. What the Mini is to Cooper, the 2002 is to BMW. It’s the car that ultimately led to the M3. It’s got a cool, throaty sound to it. It’s just a four cylinder. It’s not fast by any stretch. It’s got 160 horsepower, so it was a big deal in Europe.

I like the oddball stuff. I have more European tastes than American tastes. I can appreciate an American muscle car, but I like the European stuff.

One of my favorite cars in the series is the R33 Nissan Skyline GTR with all the flashy vinyl on it. Peel the vinyl off and repaint it and it’s totally my kind of car.

The Toyota Supra was another car in the first one. I finally got my first Supra recently, it was a ’95. It’s white with a hardtop, which is a really rare color combination.

I love Japanese-designed motorcars. In terms of performance and bang for your buck, nobody does it better than Japan. They’re big-kid Legos. They’re so simple to tweak. It’s not over-engineered stuff. They’re very consistent with their designs.

I have a lot of cars. I own a company. We manufacture high-end performance parts. We do a lot of stuff for the Nissan Skyline.

I have a dealer’s license. I’m always buying and selling cars. I have 20 or 30, but they’re always on the market. They’re functional pieces of art.

Right now I have the largest private collection of E36 M3 lightweights, which is in my opinion the best generation of the M3. They only brought about 60 of them to the states.

My grandfather was a racecar driver, so this has just been a dream job for me. It started as a hobby, but it’s definitely a business to me at this point. Priorities are a little different when you have a 14-year-old daughter.