Resident Evil’s Finest Babes

What’s the first thing you picture when you think “zombie movie”? Probably zombies. But the virtually unstoppable Resident Evil franchise boasts an equally potent ingredient: gorgeous, ass-kicking women. And with the latest installment, Resident Evil: Retribution, dropping on Blu-ray™, Blu-ray 3D™ and DVD December 21st, we figured it was high time to pay tribute to Milla Jovovich and the rest of Resident Evil’s finest babes. Enjoy.

Milla Jovovich, Alice The face of the franchise (and a very pretty face at that), Jovovich looks great for someone who’s been battling the undead for over ten years.

Sienna Guillory, Jill Valentine And where would Jovovich be without her partner in arms, Guillory? The two have been kicking undead butt together since Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Their relationship becomes more than a little strained in Retribution.

Michelle Rodriguez, Rain Ocampo Rodriguez is known for playing tough characters, and her role as commando-turned-super-clone in the Resident Evil series is no exception.

Bingbing Li, Ada Wong One of the more popular supporting characters from the game series, Ada Wong—as portrayed by the lovely Li—makes her live-action debut in Retribution.

Ashanti, Betty Ashanti appeared in Resident Evil: Extinction as a tough-as-nails nurse who helps care for the survivors of the Raccoon City catastrophe—and looks good doing it.

Spencer Locke, K-Mart Locke lights up the screen as one of Alice’s companions in Extinction and Afterlife.

Kacey Barnfield, Crystal Barnfield’s character is one of the survivors Alice comes across in the ruins of Los Angeles in Afterlife. Suddenly the apocalypse looks pretty good…

Ali Larter, Claire Redfield Via flashbacks, Larter returns in Retribution as the decidedly badass Claire Redfield. Then again, aren’t all of these ladies decidedly badass?