Rugged Style: 7 Great Winter Boots

With wintertime in full swing, men are retiring their sneakers and slip-ons for the season in favor of hardier footwear alternatives. That means boots, the kind that let you slosh through snow and rain without a second thought. Here are seven pairs that offer winter-friendly construction that's built to last without compromising on style.

Eastland Up Country As tough as it is, the Up Country is a lighter boot than most in its class, offering the wearer comfort and ease of movement in a good-looking package. $110,

Red Wing 877 The iconic 877 hasn't changed a whole lot since Red Wing first introduced it back in 1953. Why mess with a good thing? $260,

Vans Breton A break from Vans' traditional skate and surf offerings, the Breton is a rugged all-weather boot with a Vibram outsole for maximum traction. $160,

Sebago Beacon The Beacon's ankle-high styling is a more casual alternative to heavy duty winter footwear, combining the classic feel of a chukka boot with the tough exterior of your typical wet-weather stomper. $135,

Timberland Earthkeepers Chukka The "Earthkeeper" part refers to Timberland's environmentally conscious line, which incorporates eco-friendly and recycled materials in its products. So you can look good, keep your feet dry and help save the world at the same time. $190,

Quoddy Grizzly Boot Quoddy's products are all hand-made to order, which means as soon as you buy a pair of these leather and deerskin boots, someone at the Quoddy factory up in Maine gets to work stitching them together for you. $425,

Thorogood Work Boots They're made in America and they're tough as hell. What else do you need to know? $135,