Most Instababes are smoke shows, but we’re pretty sure the most ass-tastic of them all is Sommer Ray. She has over 15.2 million butt-loving Instagram followers, she proves that white girls can have booties, and we bet after you check out these pics, you’ll be her new biggest fan. But here are 10 things you should know about her first.

1. The 20-year-old Instamodel is known for her ass and belfie artistry. And while a lot of Instababes have nice donks these days, she swears she’s different than most of them because hers is all natural, baby! She’s actually not a big fan of the fake-butt girls or fitness broads who have gotten some plastic-surgery-help in the booty department.

2. Sommer is an American beauty who grew up in Colorado.

3. Sommer has always been about the Internet. Before she became an Instahottie, she posted multiple Vine videos with her mother singing and dancing while driving.

4. Dancing must be something Sommer loves to do because she has posted videos of herself busting some ass moves and nearly broke the damn Internet Kim Kardashian-style.

5. Speaking of Sommer’s mom, she’s not so bad herself. Shannon Ray got her Insta debut when her daughter posted a tribute video to her on Snapchat on Mother’s Day. Mama Ray is a very fit 52, as you can see here. Meanwhile, Sommer’s dad is a bodybuilder, too.

6. Sommer’s body is so banging, she’s actually competed in fitness competitions before. Her parents were also competing professional body builders.

7. Being hot doesn’t come without celebrity-like drama. Back in 2016, her “manager” posted a message on social media saying Sommer was missing after going on a photoshoot with her assistant in Mexico. She was “found” a day and a half later, and released a YouTube video to prove she was OK. Some speculate that her “missing” incident was simply a publicity stunt.

8. Sommer has only been posting pictures on Instagram since July 2016, and already has over 15 million followers.

9. You can observe a birthmark on her right hand. Sommer has said that she used to be ashamed of it, but she eventually grew to love it.

10. There are reports that Sommer makes over half a million a year thanks to Instagram photo endorsements and modeling and appearance gigs. In other words, her booty is so money, and it doesn’t even know it.