Longtime Disney and Warner Bros. illustrator Juan Ortiz has boldly gone where no artist has gone before, designing retro-inspired posters for every single episode of the OG Star Trek’s 1966-69 run. Each of the 80 episodes are uniquely represented based not on random aesthetics or a signature “Ortiz” style, but on the artist’s very personal, gut reactions to the stories—you might say calling this guy a Trekkie is a bit of an understatement.

His new book Star Trek: The Art Of Juan Ortiz features each of these truly lovely and super-stylized posters, which are steeped in homages to ’60s era pulp novel covers, comic books and movie posters (personally, we’re giving him bonus points for his little nods to Saul Bellow and Vertigo in The Mark Of Gideon and Space Seed posters). But the coolest design aspect might be that Ortiz prematurely aged many of the posters, right down to wrinkled, discolored paper and fold marks. That alone would make failing to add this book to your collection highly illogical.

Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz, $39.99 at Titan