7 Awesomely Unusual Watches

A man should appreciate the timeless subtlety of a classic wristwatch, but every now and then he might feel compelled to wear something a little less ordinary. Or a lot less ordinary. Or just straight-up weird. Cue this lineup of cool, unique and decidedly unusual watches.

Braun BN10 Demonstrating Braun’s world-famous design philosophy (modern, functional, simple), the BN10 presents a clean face, single dial and flat, stainless steel links. $725, Braun-Clocks.com

ODM Hacker The Hacker’s minimalist design and concave face bring an old-school sun dial to mind. Works for us. $160, Watchismo.com

Devon Tread One An intricate web of exposed belts, dials and countless metal pieces, the Devon Tread One looks more like the control panel for the wearer’s bionic arm than any wristwatch we’ve ever seen. $17,400, DevonWorks.com

Danish Design IV14Q748 This watch is so pared down you might have trouble using it to tell the time. But that’s what cell phones are for, right? $119, Watchismo.com

U Boat U 51 In case you ever find yourself accidentally strolling through a steampunk convention (it happens more than you’d think) your wrist will fit right in. $7,500, UboatWatches.it

Clomm Watch Because everything looks better with wood grain. $490, Clomm.com

Issey Miyake VUE The VUE is inspired by a simple question: why does a watch need 12 numbers when you only really need to see one? $420, IsseyMiyake-Watch.com