14 Super Stylish Masked Men

You know what makes a man stand out from the pack? A mask. Seriously, think of all the greats who’ve rocked one. Or check out this roundup of those who’ve tied one on best, in honor of Disney’s The Lone Ranger. And if you’re thinking of picking one up yourself, just remember: wear the mask, don’t let the mask wear you.

The Lone Ranger He was the first guy to have leave people asking, “Who was that masked man?” And this look is a surefire way to one-up the fake hipster cowboys at your local dive bar.

The Dread Pirate Roberts “It’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

The Phantom of the Opera If you’re the organist at your church, or even in a retro metal band, the half mask is an absolute must.

Richard Harrow Sorry, but have you seen this dude’s girlfriend? Smokin'.

Green Hornet and Kato What’s better than one impeccably dressed masked crime fighter? Two of them.

The Ex Presidents What’s better than that? Four surfers who dress as former chief executives to rob banks. Note the additional layer of irony when you say, “I am not a crook” here.

V Very voguish veil views vast vantages, vigilante-ly.

Mask Hey, if green is your color, why not just own it?

Zorro Nothing goes with a pencil-thin moustache quite like a simple black mask. Put this look on ice ’til Movember if you’re the clean-shaven type.

Nacho Libre Down Mexico way, lucha libre fighters are more than just wrestlers, they’re heroes. Don a lucha mask on your next trip to TJ… after you clear customs, of course.