The 10 Hottest Country Stars Today

While Taylor Swift is clearly one of the hottest young things in the pop/country scene, she's far from being the only sexy Southern-twanged songstress to strum a guitar in denim short-shorts. Check out this gallery of the ten hottest country artists today.

Jessie James We're not even totally sure she makes music, but Jessie James can sure rock the hell out of a flannel shirt and little else.

Julianne Hough The singer/dancer/actress is an entertainment wunderkind, and she's got the looks to match.

Cheyenne Kimball Easily the hottest mandolin player on the scene today.

Carrie Underwood Since shooting to fame on the fourth season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has become one of the most popular (and best looking) country artists in the world.

Leann Rimes She can ride in our passenger seat any time.

Kellie Pickler Another excellent find by American Idol.

Taylor Swift She may look innocent, but she will break your heart and get rich singing about it.

Katie Armiger She's only 21, but Katie Armiger has already charted four Billboard country singles, released three full albums and set the world record for longest period of time spent making flirty eyes at the ground.

Kristy Lee Cook Another product of American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook is also a model and briefly had her own reality show on The Outdoors Channel.

Sara Evans She's been doing the country thing longer than any of the other girls on this list, and at 41 she's still looking great. Let's hope the rest of them turn out as well.