The 11 Most Awesome Animated Moustaches

Get ready, kids. The Lorax is set for release next March 2, Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday. In the film, a young lad seeks the curmudgeonly creature’s help in winning the girl of his dreams. Can the movie be as great as Seuss’s book? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the Lorax has an epic mo, and he’s not the only follicle-ly blessed animated character. In honor of Movember, check out our top 11.

Yosemite Sam: Sam is pretty gangsta. Dude has a moustache that hangs down to his waist and is usually packing two six shooters at any given time. Sure, he’s always getting outwitted by Bugs Bunny, but Bugs is pretty smart.

The Lorax: He speaks for the trees, but he also rocks the bushiest yellow ’stache in the woods. Grooming can be tough out there in the wild, but occasional visitors wielding toothbrushes are perfect for a quick touch-up, especially with his big screen debut on the horizon.

Captain Hook: Pirates are pretty awesome, especially when they chase around hipster gangs in green spandex. Captain Hook does all this while rocking an exquisitely groomed mo. The hook hand doesn’t hurt his status, either.

Cleveland Brown: Hey Fox, can you please move Cleveland back to Family Guy? That way his impressive mo can stand out in a show we actually watch.

Snidley Whiplash: This dude has been tying women to railroad tracks for like 600 years now, and there haven’t even been railroads for that long. He’s also known for his long-standing rivalry with Dick Dastardly over who has the most awesome evil moustache. We won’t attempt to wade into the fray here.

Mr. Potato Head: This guy is seriously the fastest grower we know.

Dick Dastardly: Dastardly is a man not afraid to twirl his moustache with an insidious flair. It might be played out in 2011, but we don’t really care and neither does he. The dude does it with so much style, it’s hard not to kick him some respect.

Enrique: Enrique’s stach is a little wispy, but according to Movember founder Adam Garone, that can do more to advance the cause than a fat one. He’s also voiced by Danny Trejo, a certified bad ass with a highly impressive ’stache.

Carl Brutananadilewski: Carl doesn’t need no instructional manual to tell him how to rock... or grow a mo for that matter.

Ned Flanders: Flanders is many things: Father, entrepreneur, holy roller and owner of one serious moustache. You can look to him for growing tips—and advice on sculpting your very own six-pack abs.

Mr. Spacely: When we were kids we seriously thought every boss was like Mr. Spacely. We had no idea just how right we were. Check out for more moustached goodness. Then join our mo-growing team at