The 12 Hottest Women of 2012

Is it possible to pick just 12 women to represent the hottest of the hot for an entire year? Maybe not, but we gave it a try. These girls stood out both for their looks and their accomplishments, whether in the movies, on the runway, in the boardroom or in the recording studio (sorry, scientists). Take a look at the 12 hottest women of 2012.

Jennifer Larence For providing our youth (and non-youth) a superior alternative to sappy vampire dramas with The Hunger Games.

Sofia Vergara For continuing to be the sexiest woman on television.

Alex Morgan For winning gold at the London Olympics and putting women's soccer back on the map. And for bringing to our attention the fact that female soccer players can be really good looking.

Berenice Marlohe For successfully taking up the time-honored mantle of Bond girl in Skyfall.

Charlize Theron For demonstrating just how sexy a spacesuit can be with her role in Prometheus.

Allyson Felix For winning a gold and two silvers on the track in London this year, and for slowing down just long enough for us to get a good look at her.

Kate Upton For her service to all of mankind.

Emma Stone For being the best reason to watch a Spider-Man reboot that tailed the previous trilogy so closely they might actually have been in theaters at the same time.

Marissa Mayer For taking over as CEO of Yahoo! and demonstrating that a high-powered internet executive can also be easy on the eyes.

Rihanna For yet another chart-topping album, Unapologetic. And because, dude, it's Rihanna.

Scarlett Johansson For pulling off the skintight leather supersuit in The Avengers just a little bit better than Anne Hathaway did in The Dark Knight Rises.

Taylor Swift For dropping yet another best-selling album with Red, and because let's stop pretending we're not all completely in love with this chick (rocky relationship patterns be damned).