The 12 Sexiest Babes of the Zodiac

The following dozen celebrity beauties shine bright day or night. But is what’s written in the stars really written for these stars? As 2012 comes to a close, let’s assess how our finest actresses, singers and models sync up with their astrological signs. And savor the visual aids, of course!

Sexiest Aquarius: Heather Morris Aquariuses like Heather are born entertainers and never shy about parading their goods. As a typically exhibitionistic and open-minded Aquarius, Morris had no fear of filling in for Britney Spears on Glee—or sharing a kiss with lovely co-star Naya Rivera.

Sexiest Pisces: Olivia Wilde Pisces tend to be charming and romantic. For Wilde that extends to both genders, as she played a lesbian teenager on The OC and a bisexual employee on House. We’re pretty sure PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010 could persuade anyone to give up meat.

Sexiest Aries: Brooklyn Decker Aries women are habitually gorgeous and attract any kind of man. Guess that explains Decker’s ability to top all kinds of hot women polls and star in both the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues and the Victoria’s Secret catalogues.

Sexiest Taurus: Megan Fox Tauruses like Fox are very sensual. Combine that with her otherworld looks and it’s no wonder that, we dare say, she gets hired more for the heat she brings to the screen than her actual acting ability. And we are totally OK with that.

Sexiest Gemini: Kate Upton Geminis are in touch with their seductive sides. In Upton’s case, it’s a playful kind of thing. Witness her hugely popular Dougie and Cat Daddy videos, as well as her numerous cheeky photo shoots for everyone from Sports Illustrated to Italian Vogue.

Sexiest Cancer: Nicole Scherzinger Nicole’s voice took her all the way from The Pussycat Dolls to X Factor. But unlike her super tight bod and revealing attire suggests, Nicole is anything but a vamp. Internally, she lives up to her astrological standard: sexy and sweet.

Sexiest Leo: Mila Kunis Whether it be experimenting with Natalie Portman in Black Swan or Justin Timberlake on Friends With Benefits, this open-minded babe lives up to her Leo legend: playing the field and satisfying her bold, um, personality.

Sexiest Virgo: Blake Lively With blonde waves and legs that never end, this Gossip Girl has captured the hearts of A-listers like Leo DiCaprio and Ryan Reynolds. Lively may not be a virgin, but she is pure in her own way.

Sexiest Libra: Stacy Keibler Keibler has twice rejected offers to pose for Playboy. We’d say that’s reflective of a Libra’s insecurities about her appearance, but she clearly has nothing to be insecure about—and isn’t afraid to reveal a pretty substantial amount of skin.

Sexiest Scorpio: Scarlett Johansson Johansson is adored for her ample curves—and rightfully so. Frolicking with Penelope Cruz in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Bradley Cooper in He’s Just Not That Into You, she evidently knows how to turn up that trademark Scorpio intensity.

Sexiest Sagittarius: Vanessa Hudgens Hudgens started off as one of Disney good girls. Then came nude pics and a grown-up role in Spring Breakers. Sagittariuses are easy to lure, and it sure didn’t take long to bring out her inner sex kitten.

Sexiest Capricorn: Nina Dobrev The Vampire Diaries babe may have been charged with disorderly conduct for loitering on a bridge at a photoshoot, but like other Capricorns, Dobrev is responsible and can measure her own boundaries. We still love when she pushes them, of course.