The 12 Worst March Madness Blazers

The bids are in, and it’s time for college basketball players from around the country to show what they’re made of. It’s also, apparently, time for college coaches to bust out terrible clothing. Here’s a look at the worst blazers in the history of March Madness. They won’t stop you from winning a title, but they just might stop you from meeting pretty girls. Editor’s note: looking for more stylish options? Get the Best Spring Blazer at Any Price.

Jim Boeheim, Syracuse Could this guy look more like a wacky science teacher?

Rick Pitino, Louisville “Keep that chocolate syrup away from me!”

Cuonzo Martin, Tennessee Well, at least they match.

Roy Williams, North Carolina “I found it in a bargain bin THIS WIDE!”

Bruce Weber, Illinois Contrary to earlier reports, this jacket is not the reason he was fired.

Bob Huggins, West Virginia OK, OK, it’s not a blazer. But it most certainly is bad.

Bobby Knight, Indiana You don’t even have to see this blazer in color to know it’s awful.

Bruce Pearl, Tennessee This was always Bruce’s go-to blazer when he was committing NCAA violations.

Matt Gottfried, North Carolina State According to Joe Lunardi, this blazer is one of the last four out.

Wimp Sanderson, Alabama The only thing worse than a guy who occasionally wears an awful blazer? A guy who consistently wears an awful blazer.

Nolan Richardson, Arkansas We hear it gave his tailor 40 minutes of hell.

Scott Nagy, South Dakota State The blazer almost makes you overlook the fact that he’s also barefoot.

John Wooden, UCLA There’s actually nothing wrong with this suit jacket. We just liked this picture.