The 15 Hottest Facebook Pages

Looking to heat up your social media presence? Who isn’t? Fortunately, your timing is perfect, because we’ve just gone to the trouble of rounding up the 15 hottest Facebook pages on the Internet. (We know: it’s a tough job.) Keep clicking to see the whole list, then “like” all of them if you haven’t already.

Monica Bellucci As far as hot Facebook pages go, Monica’s is the gold standard. She continually updates it with sexy pictures of herself. And we do mean continually. Like three times per day, sometimes.

Beyoncé Forty-seven million likes can’t be wrong…

Selena Gomez Forty-three million likes probably can’t be wrong either…

Shakira And then there’s Shakira, with 65 million Facebook likes. Not malo, Shakira, not malo.

Emma Watson She posts a lot of classic pictures from her Harry Potter past, which is cool. But she also posts a lot of current photos, which is even better. Because now she’s a full-grown British babe.

Kate Upton Somehow, this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl’s Facebook page has only 476K likes. And yes, she posts pictures of herself in bikinis. We don’t get it either.

Irina Shayk Speaking of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girls, this Russian beauty’s Facebook page is awesome. Yes, there are pictures of her in bikinis. And sometimes less.

Rihanna If we didn’t know about Mark Zuckerberg, we would swear Rihanna owns Facebook. Seventy-one million likes, people.

Emily Ratajkowski You know that ridiculously hot brunette from the Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” video? No, you don’t? Well, you should. Anyway, this is her page. Yeah, you’re going to want to like it.

Paula Patton Speaking of Robin Thicke, this is his wife’s page. Allow us to be just the latest to say: lucky guy.

Marisa Miller Remember how we were talking about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Here’s a great page from another one of its leggy alums.

Megan Fox You knew we had to include Megan Fox, right?

Katy Perry You knew we had to include Katy Perry, right?

Skylar Diggins We love this girl. And her frequently updated Facebook page. And now that she’s out of college, it sounds less creepy to say so.

Gina Carano If you’ve got a problem with us liking Gina Carano’s Facebook page, we’ll send someone over to your place to kick your ass. Gina Carano, most likely.