Today’s Hottest Female Athletes

Auto-racing has a new most-eligible bachelorette after Danica Patrick announced she's divorcing her husband of seven years. While Danica is without doubt one of the hottest pro athletes out there, we'd like to take a minute to highlight some of the other sexy sportswomen currently gracing the field, court and other athletic facilities. Enjoy.

Ana Ivanovic, Tennis She may not do as many camera commercials as other tennis hotties, but Ana Ivanovic still stands out as one of the prettiest faces on the court.

Alex Morgan, Soccer The 2012 Olympics champ was a household name while she and her team tore through the competition in London this year.

Lindsey Vonn, Skiing Something tells us that's not regulation skiing apparel she's wearing in this picture.

Ellen Hoog, Field Hockey Hoog and the rest of the Dutch field hockey squad dominated at the Olympics this year, and looked good doing it.

Ronda Rousey, MMA It might be slightly emasculating to date a girl who could beat your ass, but we wouldn't mind spending some time with Ronda Rousey.

Allyson Felix, Track and Field She won gold in the 200 meter sprint at the Olympics this year, and subsequently won the attention of every straight male in the world.

Danica Patrick, NASCAR If you look closely you'll notice there's a car in this picture.

Sally Fitzgibbons, Surfing She's Australian, she's a surfing champion and she spends a lot of time wearing really, really small bikinis. So, yeah, basically the perfect girl.

Lolo Jones, Track and Field Pretty sure she gained more attention for her hilarious Twitter activity than her athletic performance at the Olympics this year.

Bianca Cruz, Softball Bianca Cruz gained attention as a pro softball player a few years ago. Unfortunately you'll never get to see her on television, because she is a pro softball player.

Blair O'Neal, Golf Wait... When did golfers get hot?

Anna Rawson, Golf No, seriously, are we going to have to start watching golf now?

Laure Manaudou, Swimming Those ridiculously long legs help propel her through the water, but they're also nice to look at.

Kim Glass, Volleyball Yes, volleyball. Not kayaking.

Michelle Waterson, MMA She may look cute and innocent, but she could literally destroy your face with her knuckles if provoked.