The 15 Hottest Surfer Girls

Temperature’s may be dropping stateside, but that doesn’t mean hotness is nowhere to be found. After all, Hawaii-based surf babe Alana Blanchard’s eye-catching new reality series, Alana: Surfer Girl, just launched online. And she’s hardly the only good-lookin’ wave rider. See what we mean on the following pages…

Alana Blanchard A two-time pipeline surfing champion, Blanchard regularly ranks among the world's best surfers.

Erica Hosseini Hosseini splits her time between pro surfing and bikini modeling.

Monyca Byrne-Wickey Growing up on the beaches of Hawaii gave Byrne-Wickey a leg up in the surfing game.

Sally Fitzgibbons With multiple world championship appearances under her belt and a few hundred thousand dollars in career winnings to her name, Fitzgibbons is thought to be one of the best young surfers in the world today. Not to mention she's Australian, so bonus points for a cool accent.

Anastasia Ashley Her first surf board was one she found in the trash near her house as a kid. Now she's a noted pro who dabbles in big-wave surfing.

Bruna Schmitz Schmitz hails from Brazil, and gained some fame as a pro surfer last year when she was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Coco Ho The daughter of legendary surf champ Michael Ho, this girl is basically surfer royalty. Seems the gene was passed on successfully, as Ho has established herself among the top-ranked female surfers in the world.

Courtney Conlogue The California native is currently ranked third in the Association of Professional Surfers.

Laura Enever Another Australian, Enever also ranks among the world's best surfers right now.

Lani Doherty Doherty is barely over 18, and she's already made a name for herself as an up-and-comer to keep an eye on.

Jenny Useldinger Useldinger is noted for her big-wave surfing skills.

Karina Petroni Petroni has been surfing since she was two. She's been working as a fashion model for a shorter period of time, but she seems to be doing pretty well at it.

Maya Gabeira A pro big-waver, Gabeira surfed the largest wave ever for a female athlete in 2009 when she tackled a 45-foot tall monster at Dungeons in South Africa.

Stephanie Gilmore Frequently named the world's best female surfer, Gilmore is a five-time world champion, including her most recent win in 2012. She also took her clothes off for the ESPN Body Issue over the summer, which was its own kind of achievement.