The 15 Sexiest Political Pundits

Who is this woman? A model? An actress? Nope—she's Fox News host and commentator Megyn Kelly, and she's just one of a sizable lineup of attractive political pundits you're likely to come across on television this election season. Here are a few more...

Alex Wagner Host of MSNBC's political analysis show Now With Alex Wagner, this Brown University alum previously worked with The Huffington Post and served as editor-in-chief of The Fader magazine.

Alicia Menendez Menendez is co-host of the Latino-oriented politics and culture show Power Play on Sirius XM Radio and frequently appears on CNN, Fox and MSNBC to lend her voice to the issues. She also happens to be the daughter of U.S. Senator Robert Menendez.

Meghan McCain Her dad isn't the only McCain in the spotlight these days. Meghan McCain is an active voice on the political scene, lending her opinions to MSNBC, The Daily Beast and other media outlets, typically with her signature "I'll say what the hell I want" approach to punditry.

Amanda Carpenter A former Washington Times columnist and political talk show guest, Carpenter is currently serving as senior communications adviser and speechwriter to Tea Party leader Senator Jim Demint.

Amy Holmes Now serving as a news anchor for Glen Beck's neoconservative online outlet GBTV, Holmes has previously lent her viewpoints to CNN, Fox News and Real Time With Bill Maher.

Dana Loesch A conservative radio host, Loesch often appears on political talk shows to represent the Tea Party point of view.

Julianna Goldman While she serves primarily as an anchor on Bloomberg Television, Goldman often appears in an analyst capacity on various political shows.

Megyn Kelly Say what you will about Fox News, they sure know how to find... talent.

Caroline Heldman A professor of politics at Occidental University, Heldman often lends her voice to shows on CNN and Fox News, as well as various radio programs.

Nancy Cordes Cordes is a congressional reporter for CBS and regularly contributes to several shows on the network.

Rana Foroohar An assistant managing editor for Time, Foroohar also writes for The Daily Beast and appears on CNN and MSNBC.

Michelle Malkin Malkin is a blogger, columnist, pundit and bestselling author whose hyper-conservative viewpoints have often landed her in the media spotlight.

Kirsten Powers Powers serves as one of the token liberal commentators on various Fox News shows.

Margaret Hoover Hoover previously worked in the George W. Bush White House as Associate Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. She now appears as a pundit on CNN talk shows. Fun fact: she's the great-granddaughter of former U.S. President Herbert Hooover.

S.E. Cupp Clearly some intense political analysis going down here.