The 20 Hottest Women Over 40

We can't stop the aging process (not yet anyway) but some celebrity babes have apparently found a way to slow it down considerably. Good genes? Exercise? Proper diet? Who knows. In any case, these women are still looking fine past 40.

Brooke Burke, 41 Apparently dancing keeps you in pretty good shape.

Carrie-Anne Moss, 45 She's been making that same face for the last 40 years, too.

Sophie Marceau, 45 Bonus points for the French accent.

Carla Gugino, 41 Room in that bed for one more?

Salma Hayek, 46 The only actress ever to successfully pull off a unibrow, she's also pulling off her forties in style.

Claudia Schiffer, 42 Her name is basically synonymous with hotness, so it's only natural that she would retain her looks for this long.

Mary Louise Parker, 48 Parker blew up with her role as a hot drug-dealing mom on Weeds. Excellent casting choice.

Kelly Hu, 44 A former beauty queen, Hu was Miss Hawaii in 1993. We're pretty sure she could regain that title again today if she really felt like it.

Courteney Cox, 48 Our respect for David Arquette dropped a few points after he split from Ms. Cox here.

Jennifer Connelly, 41 Magazines have consistently ranked Connelly among the world's most beautiful people for the last decade or so, and we have a feeling they're going to keep doing it for a while to come.

Famke Janssen, 47 There's just something about Dutch women...

Marisa Tomei, 47 The fact that she even looked good as an aging stripper in The Wrestler should tell you a thing or two about how well Tomei is handling her forties.

Rachel Weisz, 42 Daniel Craig is one lucky man.

Diane Lane, 47 Josh Brolin is one lucky man. Seriously, though, it's time we got into the acting business.

Uma Thurman, 42 Not only is she an attractive 42-year-old, she can also swing a katana like a champ.

Lucy Liu, 43 Again, the katana thing.

Gina Gershon, 50 We have nothing to add here. Let's just take a moment to admire Ms. Gershon's legs.

Jennifer Aniston, 43 Sort of an obligatory entry on this list, but a welcome one nonetheless.

Naomi Watts, 43 Watts is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. Maybe that's what's kept her looking good all these years.

Halle Berry, 46 Over 40 and rocking that corset thing? Gentlemen, we have a winner.