The 25 Funniest People on Twitter

Funny ha ha: Rob Delaney and Kelly Oxford Twitter forever changed the way news is disseminated, it created a new lane for advertising, and helped overthrow dictatorships during Arab Spring. However, we all know the true purpose of Twitter, and that’s dick jokes. At any given moment, your feed is likely littered with them; zingers about whatever is happening right now, either out in the world or within the minds of those you follow. If there aren’t enough truly funny people to balance out the open mic types in your timeline, though, your eyes just might overdose from rolling so hard. The 25 people on the following list cover enough different sensibilities to satisfy all comers, no matter which way your sense of humor skews. Sardonic parenting jokes are here. So are garden-variety puns. Terrible celebrities are taken to task, and Mumford & Sons incur a lot of emotional distress. World-weary angst is also welcome, and don’t forget the strange stuff or the sex stuff either. A lot of very funny people were disqualified from this list for many reasons. Plenty of writers, musicians, and actors happen to be hilarious, but can’t possibly compete with professionally funny people who tweet exclusively to make you chuckle while checking your phone on the escalator. Some self-promote more than they joke, and others tweet too infrequently to be considered. The main criteria for inclusion, however, is consistency. Here are 25 Twitterers who are funny all the time.