The 5 Fall Movies You Need to Know About

Labor Day has passed, people, which means we can collectively bid adieu to this year’s crop of summer blockbusters. But who needs CGI-overloaded superhero flicks when booze-soaked stock brokers, controversial lesbian sex scenes and an old-man-ified Johnny Knoxville destroying shit are on the horizon?

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa One of the best characters in the excellent Jackass Number Two—yes, we know what "best" and "excellent" mean—gets a feature-length spinoff. Johnny Knoxville, playing the elderly troublemaker, boozes and swears his way across America with his grandson in tow. Formatted like Borat (a road trip peppered with stunts that piss off unsuspecting folks), it boasts Knoxville in full-on boorish-and-pathetic mode and Spike Jonze as a co-writer-actor. [October 25]

Inside Llewyn DavisWe’re hard-pressed to think of a pair we’d rather see tackle the folk scene of early-’60s Greenwich Village than the Coen brothers. Their music-fueled sequences are stellar (those dream sequences in The Big Lebowski, anyone?), and having O Brother, Where Art Thou?’s music producer T-Bone Burnett back in the fold is definitely a good sign. The prospect of watching the cast (Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake) take a stab at traditional tunes—between bursts of the Coens’ trademark dark humor—ain’t too shabby either. [December 6]

Blue Is the Warmest Color Wait, so dudes like to watch young, attractive women get busy? Huh. All kidding aside, that seems to be part of the controversy surrounding the Palme d'Or-winner at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. In one corner are the many (mostly male) critics who went gaga for it, dubbing Blue—which chronicles an intensely physical relationship between Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos, still a teenager—an emotionally potent masterpiece. In the other are detractors (including Julie Maroh, whose graphic novel was adapted into the movie) calling its super-lengthy sex scenes in straight-up pornographic. Color us intrigued. [October 25]

NebraskaAfter returning to filmmaking with his Hawaii-set drama The Descendants two years ago, director Alexander Payne goes back to his Midwest roots with this this black-and-white road movie. Cheers to that—the Election and About Schmidt director captures a very specific type of midwestern misery better than anyone. And we’re equally excited to see MacGruber himself’s (Will Forte) dramatic turn, Bruce Dern’s performance as his deadbeat dad (which garnered the Best Actor prize at Cannes) and the bleakly funny moments they create. [November 22]

Wolf of Wall StreetHoly hell. This is a trailer, a cocktail of sex, cash, money, sports cars, loud suits and other ’80s excesses set to Kanye’s “Black Skinhead” and featuring Leonardo DiCaprio acting like a maniac in boardrooms and Hamptons bashes. Jonah Hill describes it as a “white-collar Goodfellas”—and it's tough to think of a better way to sum up the Scorsese-directed, Terrence Winter-scribed pic about the rise and fall of stock-market playboy Jordan Belfort. Expect one heck of a rush. [November 15]