The 7 Coolest Products at CES 2013

This week, hordes of nerds flocked to Las Vegas for the unveiling of the latest tech products at the Consumer Electronics Show. From window-cleaning robots to calorie-counting forks, there’s no shortage of new gadgets. But relax, we weeded out the silly stuff so you can see only the best new gadgets from CES, the geeky convention where you don’t have to arrive in costume.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Lenovo’s answer to the ultrabook vs. tablet debate? A detachable combination. Expected to debut late February, the Helix is running Windows 8, the hot topic at this year’s convention. The docking port is reversible up to 180 degrees, making presentations a breeze. Now you can tell people you have a hybrid without actually having to purchase a Prius.

Asus Qube Branching out from its stellar entry into the PC world, Asus introduced a new video streaming device called the Qube, expected to hit the market in early spring. Built to stream Google TV, which includes Amazon, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and more, the Qube is packed with flash and web storage for all your media. The fact it looks kinda badass is just a bonus.

Samsung S9 UHD TV Samsung delivers with the new 85-inch S9 UHD TV, one inch bigger than the competition. The super sleek “Timeless Gallery” frame is a minimalist approach to disguising an enormous Ultra HD screen and boasts perfect viewing at any tilt ratio. Rumor has it 95- and 110-inch models will be introduced later this year. You know, in case 85 isn’t big enough.

PaperTab Tablet The nostalgia of rolling your newspaper returns with PaperTab’s tablet concept. The design—with a 10.7-inch high-definition display as thin and pliable as paper—definitely stands out in the current tablet market. PaperTab Tablets can also be connected to one another for a larger working surface and can share files via touch. Now you just need to teach your dog to fetch one.

Tobii Rex T3 All eyes are on Tobii Technology’s latest development: ocular tracking on PCs. Using your peepers like a mouse bridges the gap between thought and execution, making your tasking faster as you scroll, zoom and open windows hands-free. The T3 desktop runs Windows 8 and is projected to be released in the fall. We’ll be, ahem, watching for it.

BEM Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Wireless devices are popping up everywhere. BEM’s speaker trio is connected to a home base for charging, but the units can all be detached and strategically positioned for the ideal listening experience. And of course, everything’s effortlessly controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Just don’t let your Nickelback-loving buddy get ahold of it.

Sony Xperia Z Smartphone Sony’s sharp new smartphone has some impressive qualities, such as a 13-megapixel camera (more than two times the megapixels of the iPhone), a 5-inch HD screen and sleek metallic casing. But the hottest (and probably priciest) new Android’s best feature? It’s water resistant, so you can drop it in the toilet as many times as you want.