The 8 Best U.S. Pizza Joints

Whether you’re folding your thin-crust in half like a New Yorker or cutting some deep-dish with a fork and knife like a Chicagoan, we can all agree that pizza kicks ass. Here are eight of the best pizza places in the U.S.—guaranteed to leave you craving a slice.

Grimaldi’s: Brooklyn, NY Why it’s awesome: Their coal-fired crust is thin yet chewy, and their “secret recipe” tomato sauce is legendary among the five boroughs. This place is always packed, but it’s worth the wait. More info:

Pizzeria Bianco: Phoenix, AZ Why it’s awesome: Because of its “Rosa” pie with sweet red onion, crumbled Parmigiano-Reggiano, aromatic rosemary and crunchy pistachios. Visit two places in Arizona: the Grand Canyon and here. More info:

Pretzel and Pizza Creations: Frederick, MD Why it’s awesome: Their dough is made entirely of soft pretzel. Try their “Whiteout” pie with mozzarella and garlic sauce or the “Rodeo” with bacon and corn. More info:

Dough: San Antonio, TX Why it’s awesome: You can choose from mouthwatering toppings like sopressata, heirloom tomatoes, truffle oil and oak-roasted mushrooms. They’ve won a ton of awards for their pizza. One bite and you’ll see why. More info:

Apizza Scholls: Portland, OR Why it’s awesome: The “Apizza Amore” is topped with fresh tomato sauce, melty mozzarella, crumbly Pecorino and Grana cheeses, crispy slices of cured pork shoulder and fragrant basil. Sign us up. More info:

Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria: Chicago, IL Why it’s awesome: Locals swear it’s the best deep-dish in the city. Check out the “Malnati Chicago Classic” with house-made sausage, tomato sauce and loads of cheese in an extra-buttery crust. Welcome your impending heart attack with open arms. More info:

Papa’s Tomato Pies: Trenton, NJ Why it’s awesome: They like to rock the “Tomato Pie,” a Trenton tradition known for its crisp, thin crust with just a sprinkling of cheese under the sauce. No wonder they’ve been around for a hundred years. More info:

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana: New Haven, CT Why it’s awesome: Because Pepe’s knows pizza. And they’ve got a white clam pie with fresh clams, olive oil, garlic, grated cheese and oregano. Even Yale grads are left dumbfounded. More info: