The Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

The Super Bowl marks that one special day each year consumers actively try to watch ads. Yes, we all know these glorified sales pitches are designed to move cars and junk food, but the fact remains that when advertisers bring their A-game, America tunes in. So in case you missed them, here are the best ads from Super Bowl XLVII. Enjoy.

Volkswagen These guys have a long history of memorable advertising, and this year’s Super Bowl submission was no exception. The spot drew criticism after its recent web release for portraying a white American guy with a Jamaican accent. And then the Jamaican tourism board gave the ad a thumbs-up. Score one for VW, negative-one for overly dramatic media pundits.

Pepsi Anyone who’s ever seen a high school movie knows fictional teenagers throw the craziest parties. And what’s the one thing that’ll help distract mom and dad from the ongoing chaos once they inevitably come home early? Pepsi NEXT, of course. Never party without it.

Hyundai It’s hard to believe no one had even heard of Hyundai a few years ago. Now the South Korean auto manufacturer is beaming their products into your living room on the biggest advertising day of the year. They did just that with this humorous commercial for the family-friendly Santa Fe SUV.

Wheat Thins Hey, no one needs to tell us to buy Wheat Thins (suck it Cheez-Its), but we appreciated the bizarre humor in this ad for the iconic cracker’s “Spicy Buffalo” variety nonetheless.

Go Daddy While Go Daddy’s commercials usually rely on bikini-clad celebrities to sell domain names, they headed a different direction this year. The result was a less sexy but far more clever and memorable ad than most of the company’s past efforts. (And relax, there's still a Danica cameo.)

Mercedes This spot for the new CLA features Willem Defoe, Kate Upton and music by the Rolling Stones. So yeah, it already sounds better than most feature-length films. To check out more of the best Super Bowl spots from this year and years past, head to our brother site's Commercial Break.