The Coolest Folding Shades

Folding sunglasses have distinct advantages over their fixed-frame counterparts. They’re easier to store, taking up less space in a bag or shirt pocket, and they tend to come with a leather carrying case roughly the size of a cigarette pack that just looks kind of sweet. Take a look at these stylish frames and learn to love the fold.

Persol Steve McQueen, $360 This style was around before Steve McQueen started wearing them, but once that dude wore anything it was his by rights forever. A tortoise-shell keyhole style with blue-tinted lenses and metal accents, these classic frames channel McQueen’s signature awesomeness.

Burberry Brights, $250 These squared frames are available in black, white and tortoise. An understated, no-fuss style, they’re basically the archetypal pair of sunglasses. Except they fold.

Ray-Ban Folding Aviator, $189 When your fighter jet touches down, fold up your aviators and tuck them into your bomber jacket before proceeding to the nearest bar on base for a stiff drink. You’re dangerous, Maverick.

Prada PR13OS, $475 Modern shades with classic styling, these Prada frames are simple and clean for a refined look. We probably wouldn’t wear them into a dive bar, but a gastropub? By all means.