The Girls of Oktoberfest 2012

Oktoberfest just might be the greatest celebration ever invented, what with all the beer, the food and the beautiful women enjoying beer and food. To celebrate the final week of this most-excellent occasion, take a look through this gallery of Oktoberfest babes from around the world. Enjoy.

These outfits need to be worn year-round.

Not sure what that face is, but we like it.

The Paulaner girls represent.

Meet the hardest-working woman in Bavaria.

Quite possibly the greatest photograph ever.

This reveler takes a moment to reflect and look cute.


They're going to need more beer soon.

Three, please.

And on that note, we're moving to Germany.

Cheers again!

The one on the left knows something we don't.

"Munich pixie dream girl"

They need to swap those cell phones for beers immediately.

The babes are everywhere at Oktoberfest—even in the sky.

Five totally authentic German beauties blow kisses from Break's own Oktoberfest party. We swear those two in the middle aren't demons—iPhone flash is a killah.