The Hottest Craig-Era Bond Girls

Somewhere between martinis and espionage lies James Bond's favorite pursuit: women. The Bond films have historically featured some of the sexiest babes of their respective eras, and that didn't change when Daniel Craig donned the tuxedo. With Skyfall hitting theaters this week, we take a look at Olga Kurylenko and the rest of the hottest Bond chicks from the Craig era.Related note: Aaron Cooley's SHAKEN NOT STIRRED—a new e-book based upon Ian Fleming’s World War II meeting with the spy who inspired him to create Agent 007—drops today. We hear it contains plenty of spies, lies, car chases, broads and booze. Check out the surprisingly pulse-pounding trailer here.

Caterina Murino, Casino Royale Casino Royale was a worthy reboot to the Bond franchise from the very start, but we really knew things were going in the right direction when Craig seduced Murino's character roughly two and a half minutes into the film.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Casino Royale Her role was so short you might've missed it, but Ambrosio appears as a flirtatious tennis player who gives Bond a suggestive look in passing. Not quite Oscar material, but we'll take it.

Eva Green, Casino Royale As a rule, Bond's not supposed to fall in love, but we have to cut him a break for getting pretty cozy with Green's character.

Ivana Milicevic, Casino Royale She spends most of her time on screen looking really good in a green dress. Works for us!

Gemma Arterton, Quantum of Solace Sure, Pussy Galore was a creative moniker, but Arterton's character, Strawberry Fields, is in the running for best Bond girl name of all time.

Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace As a deadly Bolivian Secret Service agent, Kurylenko's character is one of those Bond girls who actually contributes to the badassery, rather than just serving as eye candy. Not that there's anything wrong with eye candy.

Oona Chaplin, Quantum of Solace The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin makes a brief appearance as a hotel receptionist who requires saving when things get hot.

Stana Katic, Quantum of Solace Originally in line to play Strawberry Fields, Katic ended up in a smaller role as a Canadian secret agent. Not bad, eh?

Naomie Harris, Skyfall Harris is set to assume the classic Bond role of Eve Moneypenny, and from what we've seen, her character is going to do a lot more than sit behind a desk in this film.

Berenice Marlohe, Skyfall Finally, Berenice Marlohe rounds out Craig's Bond babes with her upcoming role as the sexy Sévérine. You can tell by the number of accents in her name that she's going to be trouble.