The 15 Hottest Winter Sports Babes

Good news for fans of winter sports, or at least the women who compete in them: Lindsey Vonn is back on the market. The 2010 Olympic downhill champ married her coach, Thomas Vonn, four years ago, but news broke today that he has filed for divorce. No word yet whether she’s going to stay Vonn or revert to Kildow, her maiden name, but one thing’s for sure: she isn’t the only winter sports babe hot enough to melt ice. Here are several other world-class skiers, boarders, skaters and ice dancers who’ll keep you warm when the flakes start to fall.

Sasha Cohen: Originally a gymnast, Cohen switching to figure skating at the age of 7. That’s a pretty late start in the sport, but she seems to have done all right, scoring a silver at the 2006 Olympics and starring in Borat. Oh wait…

Sarah Burke: A freestyle skier, Burke has won big at the X Games and is the first-ever world champion of the halfpipe on skis. We hung out with her once, and the girl can drink, too.

Anna Semenovich: Since retiring from ice dancing, this Russian babe has launched a singing, acting and modeling career. Basically what this means is that we get way more sexy pictures of her.

Kim Yu-Na: This South Korean beauty has won figure skating gold medals at the World Championships, the Grand Prix, Skate America, the Cup of Russia and the Cup of China... not to mention a little competition called the Olympics. No big deal.

Gretchen Bleiler: We could talk about her five X-Games halfpipe gold medals, but we’d rather just say that we wish she’d wear this outfit the next time she snowboards.

Julia Mancuso: Mancuso has three Olympic medals (two silver and one gold). That’s more than any other American female Alpine skier in history, and damn if she didn’t look great doing it, too.

Lacy Schnoor: Schnoor qualified for the 2010 Olympics, finishing 9th in the women’s aerials. But when you look this good, every appearance is worth a gold medal.

Anni Friesinger-Postma: Three Olympic gold medals in speed skating. What more is there to say? Maybe that she also has 16 golds from the World Championships, too. Do we even need to mention she’s German?

Tanith Belbin: Having won an Olympic silver medal in 2006, Belbin retired from competitive skating in last year, moving on to the pro tour circuit. You can also catch her on Skating With The Stars.

Kimiko Zakreski: She’s not just a snowboarder of some note or a total babe. Zakreski is also a reality star, having appeared on MTV Canada’s shows Summer Session and Over The Bolts.

Hannah Teter: More than just a pretty face and a great body, Teter has won Olympic halfpipe gold and silver and raises tons of money to fight breast cancer and help impoverished people in the Third World.

Lindsey Vonn: Soon to be single, Vonn is one of just five women to have won World Cup races in all five alpine skiing disciplines. Available, versatile and blonde? We like.

Allison Baver: Speed skater Baver might best be known for her brutal collision with a teammate in Bulgaria. No wonder she needs an ice bath.

Lynsey Dyer: Dyer is the first women to make the cover of Freeskier magazine, thanks to a massive, record-setting 65-foot jump. She has never lost a freeskiing or hotness competition.

Clair Bidez: After a broken heel cost her a year off the circuit, this Colorado halfpipe boarder just missed the cut for the 2010 Olympics. Thankfully, her body is now back to 100 percent.